About Bijou & Birdie


How it all began

Bijou & Birdie started with a yard of ugly beige fabric, a pair of dollar store scissors and many a frustrating night on my new sewing machine! As a crazy cat lady, I was constantly on the hunt for new cat toys and accessories- anything to spoil my babies! I was left underwhelmed time and time again by the variety available on the market-outdated fabrics, cheap materials and little crinkly balls that inevitably ended up under my couch within an hour. Once I learned to sew in a straight line, I decided to try making my own unique cat toys that not only my cats loved, but that I also loved and felt represented my sense of style and quirkiness. I dove into the wonderful world of fabric and haven't turned back since! 

Our Style

Simple designs showcase the unique and whimsical fabrics that are hand picked with love! It's my hope that not only your kitty loves our toys, but that they also bring you joy when you see them laying on your living room floor  ♡